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Are you wondering what we are up to in your neighbourhood?

As the responsible party for water supply, district heating, city gas and wastewater discharge, we have constant construction and renovation projects at Frederiksberg.

These are often projects where we replace old, worn-out pipes with new ones or add new pipes to increase the security of supply in an area. We may also do emergency renovations of the distribution system - if we have detected a leak.

We have ongoing TV surveillance of the sewerage system and climate adaptation projects that help to take the pressure off the sewers during torrential rain.

As the supply pipes are located underneath the city, we cannot avoid taking up space at street level when we do our work. While working, we may have to block off areas and redirect traffic - and noise can occur.

You will find information about ongoing work on our website. In addition, we will generally announce major construction projects via information notices. We will post the notices in the stairwells and/or on the front doors of large properties and drop them in the mailbox of single-family houses. We inform the people who will be affected by our work.

A notice will typically tell you what, when and how long the work will last and the expected inconvenience for residents in the area. We will also notify you of shutdowns of a supply category, extended working hours, delays and other things that you should know if we are working in your neighbourhood. We will usually also send out the information in a text message. If you have a company mobile or a prepaid mobile phone card, you will have to register yourself.  

Typically, a notice looks like this - content will, of course, depend on the actual work:

Notice example

If you have any questions about a specific notice or work in your neighbourhood, please feel free to contact us


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