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Your local utility company: Frederiksberg Forsyning

We supply domestic gas, tap water and district heating, and we also maintain the sewage system in Frederiksberg.
Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions concerning:

  • How to read your meter(s)
  • Your bill and payments
  • Moving in or out
  • How to save money and CO2
  • Sudden disruptions of utility services

Reading your meter - gas and water only

You will receive a letter when it is time to read your meter(s). It is important that you submit your meter reading(s) if you wish to receive a precise bill – otherwise it will be based on an estimated consumption. The reading can be submitted online on our website under “Selvbetjening", or by sending a text message (SMS), or by contacting Customer Service.

You only need to read your water meter if you live in a one-family house. If you live in an apartment, the caretaker will see to it. Furthermore, all water meters on Frederiksberg will be automatically read in the near future. The price for waste water disposal is included in the water price. 

Your district heating meter is automatically read, and the reading is automatically submitted to Frederiksberg Forsyning. 

When can you expect to receive a bill?

If you have domestic gas, you will receive:

  • A letter in November reminding you to read your gas meter
  • An annual bill in December based on your gas consumption from December to November
  • A bill two times a year - in January and July

Water and district heating consumers receive their bills at different time. It depends on which area of Frederiksberg you reside in. Please see your previous bills or contact Customer Service 

Need help to understand your bill?

Our Customer Service is glad to help you – call them or send them an email.


There are several ways to pay your bill. You can choose between:

  • “Betalingsservice” – automatical process of recurrent payments
  • “NemKonto” – NemKonto Easy Account are used for money transfers to and from public sector institutions
  • Direct deposit, where you pay your bill at the post office, by net banking or at our reception at Stæhr Johansens Vej 38.

The payment due date falls on the 10th in the following month (if this falls on a bank holiday, payment is due on the following bank day).

Moving out? Or have you just moved in?

It is important that we receive your meter reading(s) when you move in and out. Otherwise, we cannot set up your new account (if you are moving in) or close your account (if you are moving out). You can give notice of your change of address and submit your meter reading(s) here  or by contacting Customer Service.

Save money and CO2

Here you will find a short, printer friendly version of our most important energy saving tips.
They are available in:


Do not hesitate to contact us at if you find any translation mistakes. 

24 hour emergency contact

If you discover any sudden disruptions in utility supply services outside normal office hours, e.g. gas odours or loss of water supply, you can dial 38 18 50 00 to our 24 hour emergency contact

If you need information concerning terms of delivery, servicing of your district heating system etc., you are more than welcome to contact our reception during our opening hours

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Customer Service

Tel: (+45) 38 18 50 00


Tel: (+45) 38 18 50 00

24 hour emergency contact

Tel: (+45) 38 18 50 00

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